China Cixi High-New(GaoXin) Sealing Material Co., LTD. 

China Cixi High-New(GaoXin) Sealing Material Co., LTD.

Cixi High-New(GaoXin) Sealing Material Co., LTD. is a professional manufactory of gasket, seals products, spiral wound gasket, metal gasket, metal jacketed gasket, PTFE jacketed gasket, non-metal flexible gasket, engine head gasket, metal kammprofile gaskets, metallic gaskets, gasket sheets, metal flexible gaskets, engine gaskets, gasket material sheets, graphite gaskets, seals products, gasket materials, gasket rubber seal, gasket set, spiral gasket in China. We specialize in asbestos sheets, asbestos gasket sheets, seal, gasket, gasket material, sheet, gasket sheet, spiral wound gasket, graphite gasket, braided packing, Sealing tape, Packing yarn, Stuffing Ring, fireproofing material, Fiberglass cloth, sealing material, sealing, seal(s), sealing manufacturer, seal manufacturer, asbestos sheets, asbestos gasket sheets, Sealing ring, sealing braid, PTFE seals, automotive flat seals, composite seals, hydraulic seals, hermetic sealing, carton sealing, graphite ring, carbon graphite, Graphite coil, pure graphite, reinforced graphite etc. Our products, asbestos sheets, asbestos gasket sheets have a good sale in more than ten countries and regions, such as Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle ease etc. To meeting our client's request are our everlasting pursuit, we are trying to become best supplier with our good serves!

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